Econocom has been selected for the second year running by EnterNext, Euronext’s dedicated MidCaps subsidiary, to join the Tech 40 Label

The Tech 40 label is given to emblematic tech companies listed on the Euronext markets. The 40 companies were selected by a panel of independent European experts based on their economic, financial and stock market performance. Tech 40 companies benefit from premium services designed to help attract new investors, such as joining a specialist index, investor roadshows, clubs, etc. The companies selected for the label changes each year.

Econocom therefore took part in the stock market opening bell-ringing ceremony on 20 April to celebrate its second year as part of the "Tech 40” label.

Econocom is proud to be associated with this prestigious label, which it has been since the label was started in 2015. Jean-Louis Bouchard, Chairman and Founder of Econocom Group, said“We are proud to keep our place on the “Tech 40,” which includes leading companies with high innovation and growth potential in the technology sector.  It rewards the validity of our new economic model resulting from the successful merger with Osiatis and our original strategy based on a balanced combination of organic growth and selective acquisitions. This label will also enable us to increase our visibility with international investors.”

We are available to give any further information or for interview requests.

The Econocom team at Elan Edelman