Digital Security, a subsidiary of Econocom Group, launches the first European CERT dedicated to IoT security

The rise in connected devices shouldn’t compromise security 
Analysts predict that by 2020 there will be between 25 and 100 billion connected devices in the world, and the market will be worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Home automation, sport, healthcare, logistics, industries, smart cities: each person or legal entity will alternately be both supplier and user of new technological devices connected to the Internet either directly or via intermediary devices. 
“As promising as the benefits that will come with this revolution are, this new phase in the development of the Internet does raise the issue of security for the huge volumes of data that are measured, collected, sent, stored and exploited every day,” said Cédric Messeguer, Managing Director of Digital Security. 
In light of this observation and the absence of any dedicated offering on the market, a group of IT security experts joined Digital Security, a company that was recently created by Econocom Group, to develop CERT-UBIK, the first dedicated IoT security CERT™. 
“We believe in the right to security and privacy for all the Internet players, both professionals and users. We need to invent a new balance to promote the economic growth of IoT and compliance with security best practices,” explained Cédric Messeguer. 

The multitude of technologies requires additional expertise and a dedicated laboratory 
Implementing IoT requires deploying communication technologies (Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and derivatives; SigFox, LoRa, Qowisio and new radio networks – WAN, MAN, etc.), developing specific protocols for exchanging data and embedding specific operating systems into the chips in the connected devices. 
 “The CERT-UBIK combines people from telecoms, IT and electronics backgrounds: spectrum analysers, radio receivers and reverse engineering platforms are some of the tools needed to assess the security of connected devices,” said Thomas Gayet, Director of the CERT-UBIK. 

Complex ecosystems requiring a combination of expertise and skills 
In order to ensure that security measures are appropriate and proportional to the economic and social issues, and thus maintain the open nature of the digital environment, a holistic, cyclical, flexible digital security approach must be adopted, based on a dynamic, controlled vision of the risks involved. 
“That’s why the CERT-UBIK is backed by a team of experienced, recognised  consultants with the ability to understand these imperatives as well as the challenges of “totally digital,” concluded Cédric Messeguer.