Digital Security creates the very first security label for the Internet of Things

In response to massive demand from players in the Internet of Things industry, Digital Security, an Econocom Group company, announced it has created the IoT Qualified Security standardThe certification programme will be available for all the industry players as of the first quarter of 2017 and will ensure reliable, impartial assessment of the level of security of connected solutions.

Offering users security guarantees

According to analysts, by 2020 there will be between 25 and 100 billion connected objects worldwide, and the market will be worth hundreds of billion dollars. With home automation, sport, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing and smart cities, all of us are already using connected devices.

The proliferation of technologies, the emergence of new transport protocols, energy consumption restrictions and fast time-to-market have all contributed to the need to set up a security standard for the IoT players,” said Cédric Messeguer, Managing Director of Digital Security.

This is what led Digital Security to create IoT Qualified Security, a security certification label that will allow future customers, be they companies or private individuals, to identify the degree of security of a connected solution through a reliable, impartial, independent indicator.

According to a report on the public consultation on IoT governance drafted by the European Commission, 92% of IoT players agree that guidelines and standards should be created to ensure data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Assisting industry players and promoting security by design for IoT

IoT Qualified Security certification involves a monitoring programme that takes into account vulnerabilities identified in the IoT ecosystems and cybersecurity best practices. It uses the evaluation platform developed by CERT-UBIK, the first CERT™ specialising in IoT security, which has considerable experience in security audits and evaluations.

“Econocom supports this first IoT security label which will enable industry players to build a lasting relationship of trust with users of their connected solutions,” said Bruno Grossi, Executive Director of Econocom.