Main CSR initiatives
in 2022 in France


Publication of Econocom’s CSR manifesto, which states our convictions

Publication of the Impact Report 2022 about the actions we have carried out as a responsible digital entrepreneur. This report bears witness to the group’s determination to continuously, concretely assess the impact of its actions in digital responsibility in relation to its ecosystem.


Increase in the rate of employment of people with disabilities, from 2.6% in 2018 to 3.2% in 2020. 

Membership of the association Tremplin Handicap for developing recruitment of employees with disabilities.

Opening of the new head office ‘The Hub Paris’ in Puteaux to improve the quality of life at work (gym, concierge service, rest areas both indoors and on patios, etc.).


Econocom is a member of the Institut du Numérique Responsable.

This activity was awarded the ‘Second Life’ Prize 2022 as part of the ‘Cas d’Or du Digital Responsable’ awards. 

Our CO₂ impact per employee has been falling continuously since 2019.

We have launched new solutions in digital responsibility.


Creation of an ethics committee for the Econocom group. 

Publication of a Code of Business Conduct. 

Whistle-blowing platform introduced. 

Anti-corruption training for all group employees via an e-learning scheme.

New charter for responsible procurement between Econocom and its suppliers.


We led a donations campaign alongside our clients and our charity partners Emmaüs Connect and Ateliers Sans Frontières. With support from four of our clients, including EDF, we donated computers to Emmaüs Connect to help families of refugees, including Ukrainians, reconnect, find work and take lessons online.
These computers were refurbished by the association Ateliers Sans Frontières (part of the Ares group), our partner in the solidarity economy. They bear witness to the immediate social impact of the circular economy.

We have donated around 646 reconditioned computers and tablets to many partner associations.

Econocom partners with 18 associations to tackle the digital divide.

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