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Econocom UK appoints Frances Weston as Managing Director

Recurring operating profit 2019 up 14.3% at €126.2m

Proposed sale by Econocom of its subsidiary EBC

Acquisition by Econocom International BV of more than 5% of Econocom Group SE shares held by Walter Butler

Econocom has announced an estimated €126m in ROP for 2019, net book debt under control and stable revenue

Econocom announces the departure of its Deputy CEO

Econocom Group appoints Emiliano Veronesi as General Manager

Revenue at end of September 2019: €1,826 M (+2.6%)

[H1 2019] Significant improvement in Recurring Operating Profit for H1 2019, standing at €40.2 M

H1 2019 revenue: €1,238M (+2.9%)

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