Econocom supports french digitalisation and entrepreneurship with the Partech Shaker

Econocom Group is strengthening its collaboration with business angel fund Partech Entrepreneur by contributing to the Partech Shaker project. Econocom is both a Corporate Innovation Partner, through its support in developing digital entrepreneurship in France, and Technology Partner through its contribution to digitalising a venue for startups.

Econocom’s ambition is to help speed up the spread of digital progress in companies and public services; to that end, it devises and finances organisations’ digital transformation. This aim is also illustrated by its Digital for All, Now communication campaign, designed to raise awareness among private and public-sector organisations about the advantages of digital technology in terms of agility and productivity. Econocom brings solutions focusing on innovation and thus offers practical, effective assistance to major organisations (government bodies, industrial companies, etc.).

A Corporate Innovation Partnership to support the growth of French digital entrepreneurship

Partech Shaker’s innovation method, which is illustrated by its open innovation approach, reflects Econocom’s commitment to speeding up the spread of digital progress within companies. Partech Shaker has thus found in Econocom a like-minded partner that shares its vision and philosophy. As such, Econocom will organise, among other things, an annual calendar of business events with the other Partech Shaker companies on the theme of disruptive innovation and the Internet of Things.

A technology partnership for digitalising the building

Econocom also contributed to digitalising the premises of the Partech Shaker, a 2,200m²-space dedicated to startups. The design and management of the building are perfectly in keeping with Econocom’s digital positioning and philosophy of adapting workspaces to users’ habits. Econocom provided equipment such as digital multimedia equipment, dynamic LED lighting, mobile apps for interactive building management and signage, interactive kiosks showing a 3D display of the meeting room layout and a 360° video system on the roof, making the Partech Shaker a flagship among digital buildings.