Econocom partners with europe’s biggest startup fund, Partech Entrepreneur II

Econocom is consolidating its partnership with Partech Ventures by taking part in Europe’s biggest digital startup fund: PARTECH ENTREPRENEUR II.

With this initiative, this Group confirms its commitment to entrepreneurship and digital innovation.
Having invested in Partech Entrepreneur I and actively contributed to the success of the Partech Shaker, which was launched last December in Paris, Econocom will now be taking part in Partech Entrepreneur II, which has €60 million of funds and is Europe’s leading startup fund.
Econocom Group, which is known for the entrepreneurial culture promoted by its Management team, has been working with some of the leading talents in the digital industry over the past few years in order to boost their growth and allow its major clients to benefit from the latest innovations in digital solutions.

Entrepreneurship: part of Econocom’s DNA

This decision to support digital startups is a powerful, concrete illustration of Econocom’s values and is the continuation of its “Associated Entrepreneurs” programme. Econocom regularly implements new ways of collaborating with companies in the digital ecosystem and benefits from their agility and creativity to drive its own development.
For the past few years, Econocom has been working on building technology and business synergies with young entrepreneurs. This involves collaborating on major RFPs which they would not be able to tender for alone, and sharing managerial best practices to enable them to consolidate their growth platform.

Econocom is therefore pleased to join Partech Entrepreneur II along with other major economic players such as Carrefour, Edenred, Groupama, Ingenico Group, Neopost and Renault-Nissan.
Entrepreneurship is a value that is firmly entrenched in Econocom’s culture” explains Bruno Grossi, Executive Director. “Creativity and initiative are essential for the success of major digital projects. Supporting the talents who have these qualities, both within and outside the group, is therefore our duty. It’s also a constant source of innovation and rejuvenation. In the digital world, everything moves faster, works better, and goes further. It can be a disruptive trend, which is sending shockwaves through all sectors of the economy. And it’s partly by cooperating with young talents that we can remain agile and alert enough to surf on this immense wave.” Bruno Grossi concludes: “Building a development model for the group that includes these new collaborative approaches is central to our ‘Mutation 2013/2017’ strategic plan.