Econocom launches « One world for all, now! », its CSR barometer

Econocom recently consolidated its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ambitions, which are central to its digital strategy, by launching a barometer survey. This consists of a set of indicators, which are monitored every six months, to assess the impact of the group’s CSR actions.

The aim of the barometer is to:

  • Measure the group’s results in a transparent way
  • Communicate on its digital transformation-related CSR challenges to all its stakeholders.

The barometer features around twelve indicators representing the main objectives of the group’s CSR policy, “One world for all, now!” 2016-2017, focusing on two key issues: 

  • To engage employees so that they may be the first instruments of the group’s corporate social responsibility
  • To be the pioneers of Digital Corporate Responsibility.

The priority areas have been selected in order to contribute the most effectively as possible to achieving the group’s growth targets and digital strategy. The CSR barometer is thus in line with this approach of internal progress and transformation. The targets are ambitious and are the subject of action plans involving all the group’s functions. You can read the full barometer by clicking here; the first half-year results will be published in July 2016.

Véronique di Benedetto, VP France at Econocom, said: “The digital transformation of companies and CSR are closely linked. It is therefore our duty as a committed player to incorporate societal issues into our actions and our client offering.”