Econocom brings the new maternity ward of the Grand Hospital de Charleroi into the digital age

Econocom has built the hospital room of the future, overseeing the digital installation and financing of seven high-tech convalescent rooms at the new maternity ward of the Grand Hôpital de Charleroi in Belgium (Notre Dame site). The rooms were recently awarded the ‘Digital Patient Innovation Award 2014’ award for their innovation in terms of both technology and financing (leasing model with no impact on the hospital’s cash).

The seven “innovative rooms” at Charleroi hospital’s maternity ward were officially opened on 23 November and boast a number of remarkable features.

The concept of the rooms is the result of a collaboration between a number of industrial partners specialising in the healthcare sector and Econocom. Together they have devised a turnkey solution that leverages digital innovations to improve patient comfort, provide easier working conditions for the hospital staff and ensure a swift recovery for patients.

The innovative convalescent rooms benefit from the new possibilities of digital technology via a touch screen incorporated into the bedside. Patients can thus use the intuitive interface to order a wall screen and access a range of entertainment services, keep in touch with friends and family via the internet and social networks, call nursing staff for information or assistance, access a host of information to learn how to care for their baby, and control all the room’s appliances thanks to the automation system. During the first months of the test phase, the features of the room proved very popular with young mothers. In addition to the multimedia features, the room also has an easily convertible bed-armchair which allows patients to receive visitors whilst sitting up.

The digital convalescent rooms have three separate areas : a patient area, designed specially to put patients at their ease and forget the traditionally cold, “clinical” atmosphere of hospitals, a visitor space featuring a fold- away wall bed, and the bathroom, which is fitted out and decorated using materials which are more pleasant both visually and in terms of texture. The overall layout of the rooms has been designed in compliance with hygiene and ecological requirements. 

Optimal working conditions for medical staff

The whole design of the room has been geared towards facilitating patient care. The lighting, convertible bed, nurse call system and the ergonomics of the bathroom have all been devised to ensure optimal efficiency for the medical staff.

In addition to the cutting-edge technologies, the rooms also boast state-of-the-art features in terms of comfort, aesthetics, hygiene, ergonomics and eco-responsibility, for the benefit of patients and visitors, hospital staff and the cleaning teams.

An alternative financing solution

The contract Econocom signed with GHdC is not only pioneering in terms of technological integration, thus offering a glimpse into hospital treatment in the near future, but also offers the hospital a number of financial advantages: “For the same cost, financing the rooms through a lease contract as opposed to purchasing allows the client to preserve its cash flow whilst ensuring easy access to state-of-the-art technologies. The flexibility of our lease contracts also means they can plan upgrades in the middle of the contract. With this project, Grand Hôpital de Charleroi will redefine healthcare standards and thus enhance its appeal and image,” said Philippe- Hervé Hoffman, Country Manager of Econocom Benelux.