Econocom acquires a stake in Cineolia, a specialist in digital solutions for hospital patients

Econocom, a European company specialising in the digital transformation of organisations, announced it has acquired a 60% stake in Cineolia.  

Cineolia specialises in outsourced public services, providing a range of digital services to hospital patients by deploying multimedia equipment (connected televisions, telephone, tablets, etc.). This package includes free and paid entertainment services with specific content, enabling hospitals to offer patients targeted services and messages.

In order to offer an optimal service for patients throughout their hospital stay, Cineolia is continuing its development and welcomes this investment, as Chairman and founder Ludovic Jaquet says:

“I am very pleased that our longstanding partner has acquired part of our capital. This will enable us to step up our development and work more closely with the group on providing a pay-per-use model for end-users. By offering a simple, innovative, high-quality use-based service, we’ll be able to expand our offering for hospitals and other public places.”

This transaction is part of Econocom’s strategy to invest in digital services for public institutions and thereby improve patient well-being and entertainment.

 “We are delighted with this investment which is perfectly in line with our commitment to supporting the digital revolution by providing end-users with a tailored service and a single point of contact, on a pay-per-use basis," says Véronique Di Benedetto, VP France for Econocom.

About Cineolia

Founded in 2010, Cineolia supplies around ten hospitals with comprehensive digital solutions for patients. Its contracts with hospitals, typically lasting seven years, ensure ongoing revenue for the company, which stood at €1.8 million in 2015.

Thanks to its Management’s extensive experience, Econocom’s support and its passion for innovation, Cineolia plans to expand its client base rapidly and substantially, build up its service offerings and branch out into new markets.

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