Digital Dimension enhances its business-to-business mobile digital solutions offering by acquiring Econocom Telecom Services

Part of Econocom Group for over 10 years, ETS (Econocom Telecom Services) is the Group’s telecom expertise division, specifically in the field of mobile multi-OS (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.) and multi-device technologies.

Working with a number of enterprise clients, ETS specialises in particular in designing, managing and maintaining mobile fleets aimed predominantly at white-collar workers.
In addition to this service offering, ETS also has its own TEM (Telecom Expense Management) solution which enables its enterprise clients to generate substantial savings by optimising their telecoms costs and bills.

“ETS’ mobile technology expertise and ability to roll out large-scale mobile fleets over the long-term is the ideal addition to the acquisitions Digital Dimension has made, in particular Rayonnance, whose mobile solutions are aimed more at the “blue collar” market and as such address other needs within the company,” explains Georges Croix, co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Digital Dimension.

This new transaction by Digital Dimension is in line with a highly-targeted growth strategy which will rapidly enable it to establish itself as a leader in designing, developing and operating cloud-based, front-office digital solutions.

Digital Dimension has so far invested around a third of its overall budget of €100 million allocated for three years. In line with its ambitious development plan, Digital Dimension confirms it should achieve revenue of €120 million and double-digit profitability by 2016.

Founded at the beginning of 2014 by Georges Croix – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer –and Econocom, Digital Dimension is one of the major initiatives undertaken by the Group as part of its ‘Mutation 2017’ strategic plan, which aims to establish Econocom as a major European player in business-to-business digital services.