International Forum on Cybersecurity

event date: 20 January 2015
event place: Lille Grand Palais

Econocom-Osiatis will be exhibiting at the 7th International Forum on Cybersecurity. The event, which will focus on the role of cybersecurity in the digital transformation, will take place on 20 & 21 January 2015 at the Grand Palais in Lille. The hot topics will be innovation: new technologies and services for digital security and trust may act as the catalyst and accelerator of this transformation; data: the oil of the 21st century that will fuel this transformation; data protection, which features strongly on the EU’s digital agenda, is essential, although it’s important not to be too dogmatic and hinder the development of new uses; and finally, the role of humans in cybersecurity: we are the weakest link, but also potentially the strongest link.

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