Econocom-Osiatis at CRIP-ITES

event date: from 12 to 14 March 2015
event place: Deauville

Disruptive usages & technologies over the next 5 years

This seminar, which focuses on IoT, is for IT Managers (CIOs and CTOs), innovation managers and members of CDO Alliance – in other words, anyone involved in the digital transformations of their business. It takes a look at the key innovations and trends in the world of digital, IT and infrastructure innovation.

For three days, the CRIP will focus on:

  • The vision of Venture Capitalists (who invested in Dropbox or Skype 10 years ago),
  • The research work of academics (Dartmouth College, Stanford, Polytechnique Lausanne, etc)
  • Industrials’ roadmaps (OBS and IBM labs, etc.),
  • The winners of the latest digital innovation awards.

As a major service provider that assists European companies with their digital transformation, Econocom-Osiatis will be bringing its expertise and experience.