Econocom wins the IT Innovation Trophy 2017 for its Captain DC robot

During the IT Innovation Forum, sponsored by the CRiP and  the IMA (Innovation Makers Alliance), the IT Innovation Trophy 2017 was awarded to Econocom, nominated for its Captain DC robot in the Security category. Launched by the group in 2016, the robot was designed specifically to address its clients’ data centre needs: inventory, surveillance, real-time alerts, and, thanks to data collected by the robot, consulting capabilities. 

The result of a joint innovation effort by Econocom’s R&D team and clients, Captain DC is the first ever robot to be used in data centres.  

“This prestigious award for our Captain DC robot is a testament to Econocom’s pragmatic innovation approach. I’m proud of what my teams have achieved and of the fusion of robotics and Big Data in our predictive infrastructure maintenance offering. This technological innovation is a major asset for Econocom, for both our clients and our own transformation,” said Sébastien Musset, Managing Director France and Group Executive Director of Transformation & Resources. 

Equipped with several sensors, the robot autonomously patrols data centres and provides real-time, 24/7 visual, hygrometric and thermal monitoring. In the event of an incident, it can also be remotely controlled and bring virtual support from an expert via video-conferencing, to ensure prompt diagnostics and resolution. 

This trophy is really the culmination of a wonderful adventure which began in 2016 when we designed the robot to address a specific demand from our clients. That’s how Captain DC, the first robotic assistant for data centres, came about. We are proud of this innovation, which guarantees everyday operational excellence for our clients,” added Chockri Baaziz, Director of Econocom’s robotics division (Econobots.)