Econocom launches “OneDesk,” its next-generation user support offering

Companies and their employees are becoming increasingly demanding where digital tools and uses are concerned, in line with the premium quality standards offered by the B2C champions. In order to address these demands effectively, Econocom has created “OneDesk,” the next-generation user support solution: an effective, personalised, easy-to-access and use working environment. 

With “OneDesk,” Econocom offers its clients a turnkey user support offer designed by end-users, for end-users. With field immersion to gain insights into users’ actual needs and uses, co-building workshops and user tests, every effort was made to offer a quality experience, tailored to each user, whether they’re office workers, field technicians, sales reps or VIPs, and each device.  

We have to attract and retain employees – just like consumers. The advent of Y and Z generations means we have to develop new services and access channels. Companies have to implement effective, reliable, pleasant working environments, combined with a real internal customer service – whilst keeping to increasingly tight IT budgets,” explained Jean-Luc Couasnon, Director of Offers for Econocom’s Innovation and Consulting division.

“OneDesk” and the user-centric approach with which it was designed and developed will allow Econocom to help its clients successfully effect their digital transformation. Because transforming employees’ working environment goes far beyond an IT project: it’s a company-wide project that should be geared towards delivering user satisfaction to each employee, by offering optimal user-friendliness and everyday efficiency. For such a project to succeed and so that employees become more self-sufficient thanks to easy adoption of new functionalities, it is essential to implement the right change management methods.

“We aim to offer clients the same experience they enjoy in the B2C environment, which is why we’ve tested it ourselves: we are currently trialling OneDesk internally on 10,000 employees. They’re used to searching on Google, watching tutorials on YouTube, buying on Amazon, talking to virtual assistants online via instant messaging. By offering a similar experience in the workplace, we’re speeding up the adoption of new services and generating optimal satisfaction. That’s the way to guarantee a successful digital transformation project,” said Sébastien Musset, Managing Director France and Group Executive Director of Transformation & Resources for Econocom.