Econocom helps La Salle Lille schools become a showcase for digital education

As part of its restructuring work, the "La Salle Lille" group of schools, one of the biggest private school groups in northern France, called on Econocom's experience to equip nearly 1,000 pupils from its secondary schools with tablets.

An end-to-end digital project

Following an experiment in 2012 and 2013 in which several pilot classes were given tablet computers to use, La Salle Lille decided to extend the scheme to more than 1,000 secondary school pupils for the 2014 academic year.

The challenge was to implement a comprehensive digital project in less than 3 months while 2 of the schools were being merged. Econocom was able to offer a single solution, managed end-to-end, and its status as an "Apple Solution Expert - Education", with expertise in providing technology solutions to education institutions, won the group over.

Arnaud Lecuyer, IT Director and Co-ordinator of La Salle Lille's Technical and Professional Lycées, explained, "Econocom provided us with early support by offering a solution which was tailored to our establishment's educational vision but also took our globalisation challenges into consideration."

Econocom handled distribution and services, maintenance, monitoring technical support and insurance for the tablets, and trusted in the "Apple Education Trainers" network to prepare and deliver a training programme for teachers. This turnkey solution was offered with a payment plan attuned to the modus operandi of schools. It is part of Econocom's Digit-All scheme, adapted for the "Digit-all iOS" environment, which combines the best technology and services to speed up companies' digital transformation.

Tablets: a teaching tool for motivating students to learn and ensuring an easier learning process

Faced with a revolution in digital practices in the professional environment and the new behaviour patterns of pupils who had learning difficulties and were struggling to accept an out-dated educational system that was a far cry from their everyday lives, the teaching staff at La Salle Lille wanted to rethink their teaching practices.

La Salle Lille now offers digital tools and content which are tailored to the needs of every pupil. The use of tablets provides a new working environment and creates a new relationship between teaching and learning: digital technology assists the pupil, and the teacher creating content provides the backbone for the system.

In fact, tablets have numerous uses for both pupils and teachers:

  • The availability of digital books means paper textbooks can be replaced;
  • The iBook app is available and iBooks textbooks  can be reread;
  • Digital Books, including iBooks textbooks in particular, have been created by both teachers and pupils;
  • La Salle Lille's teachers have created 80 digital lessons available to their pupils through the La Salle Lille iTunes U collection. Some lessons are also publicly accessible;  
  • They provide permanent web access;
  • New educational methods can be used in the classroom through education-specific apps: SIMPLE MIND enables mind maps to be made, collaborative projects are more successful with MOXTRA and full lessons can be provided through iTunes U;
  • The educational balance is changed as pupils are actively involved;
  • Educational methods are inverted.

Digital tools, interactivity and a new relationship with the teacher have made pupils more motivated to learn and a good teaching dynamic has been instilled at La Salle Lille.

Arnaud Lecuyer, IT Director and Co-ordinator of La Salle Lille's Technical and Professional Lycées, commented, "We are delighted that Apple Education now considers La Salle Lille a benchmark. Econocom has played a major role in that success by partnering our digital transformation on a daily basis."