Econocom Group expands its Board of Directors to support its strong development and changes its governance

At the instigation of its Chairman, Jean-Louis Bouchard, Econocom’s Board of Directors has decided to broaden the spectrum of business experience and affiliations in order to support the next stage of the group’s development. During the period between 2012 and 2016, Econocom Group consolidated its leadership in the digital transformation of companies with average annual growth in revenue of 14% and an acceleration of its organic growth over the past two years. To increase and maintain this strong profitable growth trend in the long term, Econocom has decided to enlist the skills of Adeline Challon-Kemoun and Marie Christine Levet, as well as those of Anne Lange and Philippe Capron, four new independent directors who were appointed at the General Shareholders’ Meetings on 16 May and 4 November 2016 respectively. In addition, Jean-Philippe Roesch, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director in charge of central and support functions, is stepping down from his executive duties but will continue his adventure with Econocom as a member of the group’s Board and advisor to the Chairman. 

Adeline Challon-Kemoun (Sciences Po Paris, member of the SFAF). After beginning her career as a communications consultant with Image 7 and then joining the office of the French Minister of the Economy and Finances, Adeline Challon-Kemoun has served as Managing Director (Euris) and Communications Director for major groups (Casino, France Télévisions et Air France-KLM). In 2015, she was appointed Deputy Managing Director of Marketing, Digital & Communications for Air France-KLM and a member of the group’s executive board. As head of marketing and digital of these two companies, she will bring the Board her sound understanding of the expectations of individual and corporate clients.

Marie-Christine Levet (HEC, INSEAD). An Internet pioneer in France, Marie-Christine Levet has run several French Internet and media companies (Lycos, Club-Internet, Tests Group). In 2010 she joined forces with Marc Simoncini to set up the seed fund Jaina Capital. Marie-Christine is currently Associate Director of LER (Les Entrepreneurs Réunis), a digital transformation consulting firm and startup accelerator. She is a member of the board of directors of Iliad (Free), Mercialys, Hi Pay, the AFP and the FINP (Fonds Google pour l’Innovation Numérique de la Presse). Her entrepreneurial experience as both an investor and director of pioneering companies in the digital market as well as in digital transformation consulting will be an asset in supporting Econocom’s development strategy.

Anne Lange (Sciences Po Paris and ENA). After starting her career in the office of the French Prime Minister where she was in charge of the supervisory body for public broadcasting, Anne was appointed head of e-business for Europe at Thomson then Company Secretary of the Forum for Rights on the Internet. She went on to hold a number of senior management positions with Cisco. Currently Managing Director and co-founder of Mentis, an innovative company specialising in IoT and smart city solutions, Anne also serves on the boards of directors of Orange, the Imprimerie Nationale and Pernod Ricard. Her strong technological skills, particular in the Internet world, will help the Board gain a better understanding of the major digital changes underway.

Philippe Capron (Sciences Po Paris, HEC and ENA). Currently Deputy Managing Director in charge of Finance for Veolia Group and a member of the supervisory board of Virbac Group, Philippe Capron was previously Managing Director of Banque Duménil Leblé, a partner at Bain, CEO of SFAC (now Euler Hermes France), Finance Director of Usinor then Chairman of Arcelor Packaging and a member of the management board and Finance Director for Vivendi. His experience in the most senior financial positions with large groups is a substantial advantage during Econocom’s strong development phases.

“I am pleased to welcome such experienced people who are renowned in their fields and have such distinctive personalities to our Board of Directors. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jean-Philippe Roesch who has assisted me in building and developing the group for over 20 years, in the highest operational and functional positions, and who has now chosen to continue on the group’s adventure as a Board member. Our Board of Directors plays a key role in the strategic management and transformation of our group. With these new members, it will be a decisive factor in the success of the next growth phases,” said Jean-Louis Bouchard, Chairman of Econocom Group.