Econocom and Microsoft launch “Surface as a Service”

Econocom and Microsoft are launching “Surface as a Service”, an offering that combines Microsoft’s technological know-how with Econocom’s services and financing experience to accelerate and simplify companies’ mobility projects.

Always in touch with the latest trends and their clients’ operational uses and needs, Econocom and Microsoft have devised an end-to-end solution that’s in line with companies’ new consumption habits: simplicity, speed, flexibility and transparency. “Surface as a Service” is available via a flexible, scalable subscription enabling companies to bring their services and the associated costs in line with their actual needs whilst keeping pace with the ever-changing market and business.

With “Surface as a Service” companies can benefit from a Surface device at an attractive price, along with a range of services that ensure easy project management and guarantee user satisfaction. Because each company has its own specific needs and uses change as fast as digital innovations advance, the “Surface as a Service” offer allows companies to build their own à la carte solution by subscribing for additional options for a few extra euros a month, including next-day replacement of the Surface, technological upgrade, user assistance, 4G connection, etc.

“With Surface as a Service, Microsoft and Econocom offer an ultra-flexible solution that meets companies’ high standards and gives them complete freedom to develop their mobility projects,” said Bruno Grossi, Executive Director of Econocom. He added: “Econocom’ ability to offer a new financing mode is ideally suited to its clients’ needs and assists them with their digital transformation challenges.”

Alain Bernard, Director of Microsoft’ SME and Partner division, said: “The pace of innovation has never been so fast. This innovative approach, which we developed with Econocom, will enable us to consolidate the solution we want to offer our clients so they can take full advantage of our technologies and their developments.”

Bruno Grossi and Alain Bernard present “Surface as a Service.”