Econocom and The Chatbot Factory leverage artificial intelligence for customer relations

Econocom announced it has signed a new partnership with The Chatbot Factory, a startup specialising in designing and developing smart, scalable conversational robots to support the growth of its artificial intelligence (AI)/Chatbot division and offer the most innovative solutions for customer relations and customer experience.

More and more companies are using artificial conversational entities to improve customer relations. According to a report by Transparency Market Research, the global market for chatbots is set to increase at a CAGR of 28% over the next few years. The advantages of such solutions include an improved customer experience, cost reduction and developing new forms of interaction.

Now with its own AI/Chatbot division, Econocom has built up an ecosystem of partners specialising in the field. The group has therefore decided to work with The Chatbot Factory, France’s first startup specialising in developing smart, multiplatform bots. Whilst most chatbots are designed simply to recognise key words, The Chatbot Factory’s bots use artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing. To achieve this, the startup teamed up with experts in the field able to work on different registers of language, ranging from the familiar to the expert.

Thierry Raguin, head of Econocom’s AI/Chatbot Lab, explained: “We chose The Chatbot Factory for our partner ecosystem because all their bots use artificial intelligence combined with Natural Language Processing, to guarantee a fluid, intuitive experience. Their user-centric approach is perfectly in tune with our own customer strategy. The interface should adapt to the user – not the other way round!”

Thomas Sabatier, CEO of The Chatbot Factory, added: “Joining forces with a group like Econocom will strengthen our market foothold and allow us to step up our business development via an a highly innovative offering. Our short-term aim is to consolidate our leadership in the smart chatbot market and expand our range of technological chatbot solutions.”

This partnership will enable Econocom to assist its clients in digitalising their customer care and offer them comprehensive services covering design, script-writing, development and integration of chatbots into their digital ecosystem – whether internal or external (user support, CRM, data, DMP, partners, etc.). It’s also part of a broader strategy to provide the group’s clients with more innovative services thanks to the breakthroughs in artificial intelligence.

Sandrine Godefroy, Group Chief Digital Officer at Econocom, concluded. “AI is a fascinating subject and something we’re very involved in because it’s a major source of innovation and optimisation for us and our clients. For example,  we were part of the integrator think tank of the #FranceIA commission launched by the French government in January 2017 to define France’s AI strategy.”