Main CSR initiatives
in 2021 in France


Publication du Manifeste Econocom RSE qui assoit nos convictions

Publication du tout premier rapport impact sur les actions menées en tant qu’Entrepreneur du numérique responsable. Ce rapport témoigne de la volonté du groupe à mesurer, de manière concrète et continue, l’impact de ses actions pour un numérique responsable, en lien avec son écosystème.



Increase in the rate of employment of people with disabilities, from 2.6% in 2018 to 3.2% in 2020. 

Membership of the association Tremplin Handicap for developing recruitment of employees with disabilities.

Opening of the new head office ‘The Hub Paris’ in Puteaux to improve the quality of life at work (gym, concierge service, rest areas both indoors and on patios, etc.).


Econocom is a signatory of the Planet Tech’Care manifesto initiated by the Syntec Numérique trade union of digital technology firms. 

Publication of a white paper Numérique et Transition Ecologique (‘Digital Tech and the Green Transition’) with IDATE.

Measurement of the in-house environmental footprint of digital technology with Watt’s Green (54% reduction of CO² emissions over four years).

80% of IT equipment reconditioned with players in the social and solidarity economy.

The environmental impact per employee was 1.6 tons of CO² in 2019.


Creation of an ethics committee for the Econocom group. 

Publication of a Code of Business Conduct. 

Whistle-blowing platform introduced. 

Anti-corruption training for all group employees via an e-learning scheme.

New charter for responsible procurement between Econocom and its suppliers.


Donation of 500 reconditioned laptops to the cooperative #ConnexiondUrgence to support youngsters suffering from the digital divide.

Donation of around 600 reconditioned PCs and tablets to many partner charities.

Econocom partners with 13 associations to tackle the digital divide.

One digital company