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sales agent!

For over 30 years, Econocom has been using a strong network of agents to develop its sales in France.

This unique model in our economic ecosystem is a pillar of Econocom’s sales strategy as it helps develop strong ties with our clients that grow over time.

Econocom agents fully embody the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven Econocom ever since the group was founded.

In 2024, there are new opportunities for you

Buy a sales agency

Create a sales agency

Join an agency as an associate-employee in sales

Develop a portfolio during 18 months and then launch your own agency

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they recently became agents

Jérôme Corvec has been a sales agent for 9 years. He has launched his own agency.

Jean-Baptiste Culianez joined an existing agency 13 years ago and is in the process of becoming its own boss.

Cédric Vernoux, agent since 2020 and Céline Lefebvre, Chrome Channel Manager (FR)

Mehdi Doumbia, agent since 2016 and Benoît Terrasson, Econocom consultant for Apple (FR)

Sabine Poupon, agent since 2019 and Mikaël Karmazin, Microsoft Surface Lead (FR)

Hélène Lory-Delambre, France Agent Manager and Philippe Goullioud, Managing Direction, P&S France activity (FR)

Why not you?

If your answer to these questions is yes, take the plunge and apply!

You want to create your own business / take an entrepreneurial turn in your career?

You enjoy autonomy and responsibilities?

You like to work with clients from start to finish?

You appreciate the value of trusting relationships with world-class technology partners to co-design bespoke solutions for your clients?

You like the idea of not having a cap on your compensation?

You like to be at the heart of an ecosystem?

You like sales?

You love the digital sector?


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